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September 6 ~ 7th 2022

The UK's Premier Show for Ornamental Horticulture

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Company Name Stand Number Website Product Categories
Acers Unlimited New Zealand B 37, 38, 53, 54 Acers
ACT Publishing E 70 Trade Journals
Adrian Ayley UK Ltd B 37, 38, 53, 54 Young plants, Mature Stock, Acers, Camellias
Aerona (Air &Sea) Customs clearing Agents Ltd D 52a Freight forwarding and Customs Clearing Agents Ltd
Aeroplas (UK) Ltd B105 & B106 Pots, Packs and Trays
Agralan Ltd E65 Pest control
Agricultural Projects Holland B.V. D4+D5 Greenhouse design
Agrigem Ltd D89 Horticultural pest control and plant health products
Allensmore Nurseries C30 Perenials & shrubs
Alpha Plants Ltd E 122 Young Plants
Altitude 500 E107-109 Christmas Trees
Anglo Aquatic Plant Co Ltd E69 Aquatic Plants
Anglo Eastern Trading Co Ltd B 56, 57, 58 Plastic planters, pots and containers
Animal and Plant Health Agency D6 Education/Training/Research & Advisory Services
APAC Group Ltd C2, 3, 4, 5 Horticultural packaging & Containers
A.S.T.A. Piante E135 Nursery stock
Ball  D116, 116A, 117, 117A Seeds & Young Plants
Ball FloraPlant D 116,116a,117,117a Rooted Cuttings-Annuals
Barrett, W S & Son Ltd OP16 Materials Handling /Trucks /Trollies
BASIS E250 Qualifications and Professional Memberships
Beekenkamp Plants D 110,110a,111,111a Ornamental Plant Breeder
Bluepoint Tags and Labels E173 Horticultural Labels and Tags
Bolton Christmas Trees E102, E103, E104 Christmas Trees
Botanics International Ltd D77/78 & D95/96 Young plants
Boweco E31-34+E55-58+E66a-68+E89-91a Trees, shrubs, perrenials
Bridge Nursery E 16+17 Perennials
Brinkman D100, 101, 72, 73 Automated solutions
Cadeby Tree Sales Ltd E 25+26 Christmas Trees
Calipso Roast Ltd E27 A+B Planters, Basketware, Zincware, Packaging
Cargo Refrigeration E4 Logistics and Customs Clearance
Carlesi Vivai  B 17,18,33+34 Mediterranean Plants & Specimens
Chapel Cottage Plants Ltd  D 1, 2, 3 Perennials 
Chartered Institute of Horticulture (CIH) E190 Association   
The Christmas Cabin E27c Fresh Christmas Tree Stands 
Classiflora Imports Ltd B73-75+B76-78+B93-95  Specimen Plants
Clover Peat Ltd D25 & D26 Growing media peat/compost
CMW Horticulture Ltd E5 Horticultural Installations and Equipment
Cohen Propagation Nurseries  D 14-D16 Ornamental Plant Breeder
Commercial Horticultural Association (CHA) E189 Association publications and trade shows
Consorzio Ortovivaisti Pistoiesi E 156,157,161 plants, shrubs, trees
J.W. Crum BV E110+111 Trees
Covili Franco Vivai Piante E126-127-128-129 Ornamental plants for the gardens
Dalefoot Composts E41 Premium peat-free composts
Danmar Logistics Ltd D76 Customs Clearance and Logistics Agent
Danziger D22 + 23 Young Plants
Darwin Plants D 116,116a,117,117a Perennial Plants
Davenham Nursery C 19+32 Hardy Nursery Stock
David Austin Roses B46 Roses
Dejex Supplies Ltd D53+D40 Horticultural Sundries
De Kuil Hedging BV E110+111 Container and rootball hedging
De Ree UK Ltd E 77, 78, 79,80 Flower Bulbs , seeds , Rose shrubs fruits
Deforche Export E31-34+E55-58+E66a-68+E89-91a Green/flowering indoor/Garden/seasonal/house plants
Denis-Plants bvba E31-34+E55-58+E66a-68+E89-91a Young plants / Tissue culture
Desch Plantpak Ltd C 36, 37, 38 + 53, 54, 55 Pots and containers for the growing industry
Diderk Heinje Baumschulpflanzenhandels GmbH & Co.KG E 11-14 + E36 Hardy Nursery Stock
Don-Kwiat Ltd C43 + 48 Nursery and horticultural pots
Dura-ID Solutions Limited E 152+153 Labelling & Printing Systems
Durston Garden Products Ltd E48 Growing Media
Easitill Ltd E175 & E176 Labelling Solutions, EPoS and Websites
East Riding Horticulture Ltd B43 & B48 E Horticultural Wholesaler and Distributor
Ebben B.V. E119, E120, E121 + OP21, OP22, OP22a Nursery stock
Ebtech Glasshouse Systems C8 Glasshouse structures and associated internal services
Elburg Smit D 42+51 Labels & Packaging
Ellipse Fabrications Limited D 83 Garden Centre & Polytunnel Structures
Elsner PAC D77/78 & D96/96 Unrooted Cuttings & Young Plants
ePower Trucks C16+35 Electric Powered Vehicles
Eureka Growing Systems Ltd C31 Glasshouses, Screening, greenhouse hardware
Europlants UK LTD C 57,58,73,74 Plants
Eurostick E162  Aran & Heritage textiles 
EuroTree Green for Life B9-11 Conifers and ornamental shrubs
Evergreeen Horticulture B107, 108 & B109 Growing Media
Excelerate Ltd E 154+155 Breathable wrapping solutions
Fairweathers E136+137 Young plants 9cm pots.
Fargro Limited C 69, 70, 71, 72, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85 Pots and horticultural sundries equipment
FCTP - SP Trading (Scotland) Ltd OP3a Christmas Trees
FERTIL B21 Biodegradable Pots Propagation Plugs
Floralabels E175 & E176 Labelling
Floramedia UK Ltd D120A/120/121A/121 Plant Label and Marketing Solutions
FlorAmor E31-34+E55-58+E66a-68+E89-91a Azaleas, Rhododendrons and patio plants
Floribras Garden Plants E110+111 Rhododendrons, Camellias & Azaleas
Fordingbridge PLC D93 Canopies and Walkways
Forest Garden Ltd OP33 & 34  Fencing - Building - Landscaping - Growing - Plantstaging
Formbar Limited E91 + 92 Garden Centre Trolleys and Baskets
Freshpac Teas & Coffees Ltd C75 Coffee and cafe supplies
G O & M L Jones E139  Christmas trees
G.C Stolwijk & Co B.V. OP 6, 6a+7 Hardy nursery stock
GAL Systems Ltd C26 Transplanting / Potting Machines
Garden Industry Manufacturer’s Association (GIMA) E254 Trade Association
Gardeners Kitchen Ltd E52 Vegetable and herb plants
GASA Group Denmark A/S E 112, 113, 114 Young Plants
GE Current E177 Lighting
Gedney Bulb Company Ltd D17 Bulb, Herbaceous and Alpine plants
Gelderplant Export BV C9, C10 Trees, Hedging plants, Shrubs
Genesis Plant Marketing Limited D81 + 52 New products perenial shrubs annuals
Golden Grove Nursery Ltd D49+50 Conifers
Grazers Ltd D54 Horticultural, Amenity & Home & Garden Care Products
Green Mile Trees Ltd OP25 Trees and plants
Greenfield Software Ltd E123 + E124 Nursery Management Software
Growmoor Better Growing D 67,68,105+106 Growing Media
HilverdaFlorist D 74+99 Breeder, Young Plant Producer
Hishtil Nurseries  D 14-D16 Unrooted Cuttings & Plug Plants
Hogendoorn Holland BV D45+48 Young Plants of perennialas, grasses and shrubs
Holland Liners BV E110+111 Shrub liners
Hoogenraad Handelskwekerijen BV C 20+21 Deciduous and coniferous shrubs young plants
Horconex BV D102 & D71 Horticultural Projects
Hort Week E45 Trade media
Hortec Grow with Technology Ltd D 107, 107, 108, 108a, 109, 109a Potting Machinery & Automation
Horticultural Trade Association (HTA) E194 Trade Association
Hortifeeds Ltd C79, C80 Fertilisers
Hortipak C68 Plant Label & Marketing Solutions
Hortisystems UK Ltd E177 Ventilation, Screening, Benching, Climate-Control, Lighting
HQWoodcraft Ltd E 220,221,228,229 Wooden Garden Furniture 
HSK Gardening & Leisure Ltd E130 Tree Ferns + feed, Bamboo Control, Wollemi Pine, Driftwood
Huverba bv E 94, 95, 96, 97 Nursery stock
IBN Kwekerijen E110+111 Rooted cuttings in plugs
ICL UK & Ireland B30, B31, B32, B39, B40, B41, B50, B51, B52  Growing media
Image Retail Solutions Ltd E118 EPoS
Impulse Plants BV OP10, OP11, OP41, OP42, OP43, OP44, OP45, OP46 Plants, Landscaping, Outdoor plants
Infinity Christmas Trees Ltd E1, E2, E3 Christmas Trees
Innocenti Mangoni Piante B 79-82/89-92/101-104 Nursery stock
Irish Advanced Liners B 37, 38, 53, 54 Camellias, Shrubs, Liners
J. A. Jones & Sons (Churchtown) Ltd C86 + 87 Nursery stock
Jaldety Propagation Nurseries D 14-D16 Perennial Cuttings
James McIntyre & Sons B4, B5 Fruit Stock
Jardine Leisure OP9 Cast Aluminium Garden Furniture
Javo BV D107-109 Potting Machinery & Automation
Jelitto Perennial Seeds E 46 Seeds suppliers
Jessica Bee's Wildflower B43 & B48 Wildflower Seeds
JFH Horticultural Supplies Ltd C23+28 Horticultural distributors
Jiffy Products (UK) Limited C42 Growing media
Joseph Noblett B 22+29 Christmas Trees
Juakali T 3 Metal Animal Structures
JUB Holland UK Ltd. E35 Flower bulbs for retail
Keder Greenhouse D98 Commercial Greenhouse
Kernock Park Plants A1, A2, A3 + A47, A48, A49 Young Plants
KG Greenhouses D85 Glasshouse technical systems
Kieft Pro Seeds D 116,116a,117,117a Perennial Seed
Kings Seeds D 43+43a Seed supplier
Kolff Plants BV E110+111 Plants
Koppert Biological Systems UK C59 Biological control products
Boomkwekerij Laurijssen BV E110+111 Hedging transplants and seedlings
Laxsjon Plants BV B36 + B55 Trees Topiaries Perennials Shrubs Rootstocks
LBS Horticulture A27-42 + A7-13 Horticultural Distributors
Liner Plants New Zealand B 37, 38, 53, 54 Young plants New Zealand
Lineside Nursery E 66a Peat-free shrub liners
Lovania Nurseries B11, B12, B13, B14 Alpines, Bulbs and Hardy Nursery Stock 
LS Systems Ltd C39,C40,C51, C52 Horticultural & Irrigation Sundries
M/S JOSHI ENTERPRISES E265 Plants & Ornaments
Macpac LTD C76 + C77 Packaging for transiting mail order plants/plug plants
Maldwyn Lloyd (Christmas Tree Specialist) OP16a Christmas Trees
Marble by design OP15  Marble ornaments
MasterTag D 116,116a,117,117a Labelling
Mayfield Stone E160 Stone garden ornaments
Mechanical Botanical Ltd A43, A44, A45, A46 + A5 Machinery
Melcourt Industries Ltd E 148a Growing Media and Mulches
Michaël Rahoens BV E31-34+E55-58+E66a-68+E89-91a Nursery stock
Minier Nurseries B 42+49 Trees Shrubs Hedging Climbers Conifers
Missus know Best Ltd E174 Christmas Decorations under Missus Christmas Brand
MNP / Suntory D 122,122a,123,13a Young Plants
Mobilane UK LTD E 178 Living Green Screens
Mockridge nurseries Ltd OP1+1a plants / shrubs / perennials / bedding
Modiform D29, 30, 63, 64 Pots/ trays/ containers
Moles Seeds (UK) Ltd D38+55 Seeds
Mondi Plants B 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68 Ornamental Plants
More People C1 Recruitment services
Muller Bloemzaden BV D8 Seeds
New Century Glasshouses Ltd C56 Glasshouse supply/repair/maintenance
New Leaf Irrigation Ltd D14 Irrigation Equipment and Water Storage Systems
New Leaf Plants Ltd E 15 Wholesale Clematis and climbing plants
Newey Ltd D31 & 62 Young Plants, Perenial Plugs & Liners
NFU Energy E63 Energy Consultancy - contracts and renewables
Soc. Agr. Niccolai Elio e Figli S.S. E110+111 Specimen Plants
Nostrand Ltd D27,28,65,66 Plant Display Benching
NP Structures Northern Polytunnels OP16b & OP17 Polytunnels
Nursery Garden Group OP8 Plants
Oakleystone Northern Ltd OP3 Garden Ornaments
Oakover Nurseries Ltd B62 & B69 Trees Hedging Conifers
Olsthoorn BV D97 Glasshouses and screens
Optimal Currency Ltd D41a Currency Exchange & International Payments
P Tolan Plants D90 Nursery stock
PanAmerican Seed D 116,116a,117,117a Ornamental Plant Breeder
Pannebakker & Co B.V. E43+44 Plants
Penny UK Greenhouses  C60 Greenhouse services 
Pentland Plants C11+C12 Bedding Plants
Perennial E251 Horticultural charity
Petersfield Growing Mediums D94 Growing Mediums
Plandorex GIE B 37, 38, 53, 54 Young plants
Plant Health Alliance E194 Certification Scheme
Plant Iberia B85+86 Plant Importers - Spain & Portugal
Plant Market B.V. E29, E30, E59, E60 Plants
Plantline OP17a, 18, 19 & 20 Plants
Polybuild Ltd D56 Polytunnels, Canopies, Walkways and protective Structures
Poppelmann GmbH & Co. KG D 112,112a,113,113a Plant pots/containers, trays, bowls, hanging baskets
Pots of Distinction OP2 Pots and Planters
Powerplus Group C22 & C29 Horticultural Lighting
PPC Labels (The Plastic Printing Co Ltd) B 6+7 Labels & Tags, PoS and packaging
Premium Christmas Trees C 63 Christmas Trees
Professional Sprayers People E163 Backpack and handheld spraying equipment E61 + E28 Computer Systems & Software
Ravensworth Nurseries C49 Plants, Young Plants, Wreaths, Baskets, Poinsettas
Red Barn Wild Bird Foods (Optimum Projects (UK) Limited) E138 Wild Bird Foods and Feeders
Rijnbeek Perennials E71 + E86 Perennials 
SAP Nurseries E54 Premium Ornamental and Fruit Trees 
Schneider Youngplants Ltd D34 & 59 Seed plugs and young plants
Seiont Nurseries Ltd B16 & B35 Young Plants Nursery Stock
Sinclair D124,125,126,124a, 125a, 126a Growing media and fertilisers
Solgrow Ltd D14, 15, 16 Young Plants
Soparco D 35,36,57,58 Plastics containers, window-boxes, bowls, trays for nurseries
Southern Trident Ltd D39 Growing Media
Spanish Plants OP37 + OP38 Mediterranean Plants
Star International E264  Plants + Ornament Items 
Stocks Lane Nurseries Ltd D75 Plant & Sundries Cash & Carry
SupaGrow/Suburban Stone OP12, OP13 Growing Media & Decorative Aggregates
Syngenta Seeds B.V. D10 & D11 Crop protection and plants
Syngenta Seeds B.V. D10 & D11 Crop protection and plants
Tamar Nurseries Ltd E105 + 106 Shrubs, Perennials, Trees, Forestry and Hedging
TCE Electrical Ltd E177 LED Lighting, Greenhouse Electrical Systems
The Real Tree Co Ltd E 75 Christmas Trees
The Willow Wand Limited E82 Willow wand
Thermobile (UK) Ltd E98,99,100,101 Heating
Tildenet E37 Horticultural netting, fabrics, propagation products
Travellers Finds Ltd OP23 & OP24 Garden Sculptures and Accessories
TSD IT Solutions in Green D70 & D103 Horticultural Nursery Software
Turcieflor ets Pierre Turc D77/78 & D95/96 Alstroemeria & Agapanthus Young Plants
Tyne Moulds & Machinery Co Ltd B45+44 Horticultural sundries
Valagro UK Ltd E62 Biostimulants/fertilisers
Van den Beucken Boomteelt BV A57 Nursery stock
Van Hulle B&C E31-34+E55-58+E66a-68+E89-91a Nursery stock and Young Plants
Van Meerten (R.) Boomkwekerijen BV E110+111 Trees
Boomkwekerij C. Van Roessel E110+111 Trained & formed trees
Vannucci Piante C 57,58,73+74 Mediterraniam Plants/Specimens
Viking Nurseries Ltd B72 & 59 Shrubs, ericaceous and conifers 
VLAM - Flanders' Agricultural Marketing Board E31-34+E55-58+E66a-68+E89-91a Promotion of Flemish horticulture- all kind of plants
Volmary Ltd C62 Ornamental young plants
Walter Blom Plants BV D77/78 & D95/96 Perennials, tissue culture
West Kington Nurseries LTD E 88 Herbaceous / Alpines / Herbs / Ferns
T. Wezelenburg Handelskwekerij B.V. B100 shrubs and conifers
Woodlodge Products Ltd E148 / 149 / 150 / 151 / 164 / 165 Out door pots and garden sundries
Wormganix Worm Castings  E172 Vermicompost Fertliser Pest Control
Wreaths n Reindeers Ltd E142-147 Garden Pods , Christmas Wreaths and Garden decoration
XL Horticulture D46 & D47 Polytunnel Covers
Yorkshire Flowerpots E140 & E141 Clay Plant Pots
Young People in Horticulture Association (YPHA) E192 Association
Zelari Piante OP14, B23,24,25,26,27,28 + B1, B2, B3 Nursery stock
Zenflora A/S E 8-10/38-40/50-51/72-74/84-85  Nursery stock
Zest  OP7b  Softwood Garden Furniture, structures, planters, Grow your own




Telephone +44 (0) 1477 571392
Telephone +44 (0) 7703 592589



Four Oaks Horticulture Ltd. T/A

Company Number: 4539595
Farm Lane, Lower Withington,
Macclesfield, Cheshire,
SK11 9DU

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