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New for 2020

Hydrangea arborescens Candybelle® Bubblegum is a beautiful, erect shrub that works on the terrace and in the garden. Bubblegum has strong shoots  supporting the large inflorescences and interesting leaves which are green with a brown shade, contrasting nicely  with pink flowers. Size: 0,5-1 m height, 0,8-1 m wide. Flowers July-September.

Hydrangea arborescens Candybelle® Marshmallow
has delicate, salmon-coloured flowesr in large inflorescences. Can be grown in containers as it is relatively small and compact. Shoots are rigid and vertical, even when loaded with inflorescences. Size: 0,5-1 m height, 0,8-1 m wide. Flowers July-September.

Hydrangea paniculata Hercules
('GRHP10'PBR) has enormous, spectacular inflorescences, which reach a length of 30-40 cm and are tightly filled with large, greenish flowers. Hercules is an erect shrub with very strong and thick shoots. Does well in urban conditions  and is very resistant to low temperatures. Size: 1-1.5m in height. FlowersJuly - September. Size of inflorescences: 30-40 cm.


Hydrangea paniculata Bubblegum

Hydrangea paniculata Bubblegum

Hydrangea paniculata Marshmallow

Hydrangea paniculata Marshmallow

Hydrangea paniculata Graffiti

Hydrangea paniculata Graffiti

Hydrangea paniculata Graffiti ('ROU201606'PBR). In the initial stage of flowering, Graffiti has  large  inflorescences  of lime flowers which change to shades of pink and white. 

Size: 1m in height.
Flowers July - September.
size of inflorescences 25-30 cm.

Hydrangea paniculata Mojito ('GRHP10'PBR) Refreshing lime color which at the end of summer, takes on slightly warmer, slightly pink hues. Size: 1 m in height. Flowers July - September. Size of inflorescences: 20-25 cm.

Hydrangea paniculata Hercules

Hydrangea paniculata Hercules



Rijksweg 30 A, 6744 WB Ederveen
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 630 669654


Stands C20+21


Hydrangea paniculata Mojito

New introductions for 2020


With over 60 fantastic new introductions coming through the trialling process for 2020, this season is set to be another great year for Kernock and their customers! Of the many new varieties, some will make their debut at Four Oaks. As always, there are too many to mention, but just a few are highlighted here:

Calibrachoa Superbells is a strong range for Kernock. As part of the Proven Winners assortment it has been augmented this year with the eye-catching ‘Cardinal Star’ and ‘Evening Star’.  Several Canna have been introduced including the well-known 'Tropicanna® Black' and a brilliant range of shorter, pot friendly CannaSol varieties, all with great foliage colour, form and propensity to flower. Dianthus ‘Ruby Picotee’ is an incredibly floriferous variety that seems to bloom and re-bloom through summer.

Nemesia Fairy Kisses

Nemesia Fairy Kisses
‘Vanilla Berry’

Calibrachoa Superbells
‘Cardinal Star’

Calibrachoa Superbells
‘Evening Star’

‘Happy Wilma’

Lilium formosana
'Var Pricei’

Hardy Fuchsia is gaining popularity once again and Kernock have a lovely little find called ‘Dying Embers’,  with sumptuous, but dainty, almost black and cherry colour flowers on dark purple-black foliage.

Foliage colour is a trend that has recently gained strength with introductions such as the Hippo series of Hypoestes. Magnificent ‘Red’, ‘Rose’, ‘Pink’ and ‘White’ make up a series. Another superb series from the Proven Winners stable is the range of Nemesia known as Fairy Kisses. The initial release last year of ‘Pink Lemonade’ is now followed by ‘Vanilla Berry’ and ‘Citrine’.

‘Diamond Drops’

‘Shrimps on the Barbie’

There are many other spring beauties not in their prime for the show, but still worth a mention, such as Bergenia 'Diamond Drops' – with smooth green leaves and short pure white flowers. Lilium formosana 'var pricei', a lovely June flowering alpine Lily and the best salmon-pink Pulmonaria that Kernock has witnessed called 'Shrimps On The Barbie’!

‘Ruby Picotee’

Kernock invite you to see the full list of introductions and tell you more, so visit Hall A, Stands 1,2,3,47,48,49

Tel: +44 (0)1579 350561   Email:   Web:

Growing Great Plants With Service You Can Trust”

Botanics International

New Introductions 2020


Botanics International will be showcasing Dahlia Dahlightful® a new series of dark leaf Dahlia, semi double flowers in five colours with cutting supply starting Spring 2020. Flowering at a height of 50cm these varieties will make an excellent potful of flowers from 1-3ltr.

Dahlia Dahlightful® Lively Lavender Beauty

Salvia Flamingo®

Also, Salvia Flamingo® a brand new, stand alone variety of Salvia splendens. Being slightly more vigorous than traditional bedding types, this cutting raised variety makes a perfect 1-2Ltr specimen as a larger patio plant, centre plantings or flowering 1ltr.

Hishtil Nurseries are promoting Lavender BeeZee™ series, a compact hardy angustifolia series in five colours – Dark Blue, Light Blue, Pink, Power Blue & White. All the varieties are uniform in height, branching & flowering time. In addition, Hishtil will show Herb Combos a visual display illustrating the range & diversity of herbs – Hishtil’s speciality.

Lavender BeeZee™

Alstroemeria Jean®

Walter Blom Plants BV will display the multiflora Chrysanthemum Moviestars® from Armada. Naturally self-branching the Blanchett series offers uniform flowering in six colours. Masses of double blooms in bold, bright colours suitable for packs & pots from 1-3ltr. In addition, Alstroemeria Jean® a new introduction from Turcieflor going into the Maxi range. A beautiful combination of blush salmon base, salmon & yellow centre with dark speckles, bushy habit & flowering height of 50cm.

Contact: Peter Collins  Tel & Fax +44 (0)1442 878077    Mob: 07766 008385
Email:     Web:


Stands D77,78,95,96

Eco-friendly Trays & Pots

Thanks to its D-Grade® and RECOVER brands, Desch can now meet every demand for eco-friendly pots and trays. D-Grade® BIO: four-star biobased certified and 100% compostable. This product line now includes an attractive selection of thermoform pots and trays, all made from plant biopolymers.

D-Grade® FIBRE. Made from recycled paper pulp, recyclable & compostable - a strong, lightweight addition to D-Grade® BIO, offering growers an excellent option for the automated cultivation of plants. It has the natural appearance of paper pulp.

D-Grade® FIBRE


RECOVER. 100% circulair - the very latest product line from Desch in response to market demands. Desch purchases post-consumer plastic waste exclusively to produce RECOVER. Products have their own distinctive colour, which makes them easy to separate from the waste stream after use so they can then be recycled again.


Tel:: 01621 745500 


Stands C36-38/53-55


Specialists in Field Grown Trees -
Transplants, Multi-stems &


Stands C43+48

Covering a total area of 130 acres, J A Jones specialises in field grown trees ranging in size from transplants to multi-stems and semi-mature trees.

In addition to this, J A Jones also grows over 7000 container trees and air-pot trees in peat-free compost for planting outside the traditional planting season.
Their contract grow service and bespoke air-potting service ensures continuity of supply and quality for large-scale or long-term projects.

J A Jones also produces over 800,000 container grown plants covering over 600 species, ranging in size from 2 litre to specimens in 200 litre plus, with 10 and 25 litres a specialty.  To complement this stock, strong trading links have been established with independent growers throughout the UK and Europe who work to the same high standards. This enables the company to supply the complete range of stock creating the ideal ‘one stop shop'.

Delivery is nation-wide by their own fleet, with plants being packed according to customer requirements.

The Wholesale Cash & Carry is situated just one mile north of Southport on the A565. The six acres of stock allows customers to hand select plants at short notice. The extensive range includes: Trees, Shrubs, Conifers, Climbers, Perennials, Grasses & Bamboos, Specimens, Topiary and Hedging, along with a range of horticultural sundries.


Head Office: 99 Bankfield Lane, Churchtown,  Southport, PR9 7NT   
Tel: 01704 228235
Cash & Carry: 2D Gravel Ln, Banks,  Southport PR9 8BN 
Tel: 01704 229214
Email:   Web:


From Young Plants
to Specimen Plants

Since 2016, Innocenti & Mangoni Piante have invested heavily in production facilities for the young plant sector. This major Italian nursery has produced a young plant range in 9 cm, 10 x 12 cm, and 13 cm pots including traditional and new varieties. Plant breeding licences have been acquired from the International Breeder sector including Breederplants, Genesis, Plantipp, Sapho and Vip for Plants.

More than 80 patented varieties are now produced and growing techniques have been enhanced to ensure these high quality plants are available for the spring season.

The company is  currently expanding its sales drive in the UK and will  have a major presence at Four Oaks this year promoting 'Young Plants' as an extension of their established specimen plants and trees. Visit stands B101-104/79- 81/90-92 and meet Doug Reade who will be coming out of retirement to join the team on the stand.


Contact UK: Domenico Guizzo
Mob 0039 348 264 8404

B101-104/79- 81/90-92

New launches
for 2019

Whetman Plants International will be launching 3 new Alpine Pinks and Buddleja lindleyana ‘Floral Fanfare’ this year. This stunning new generation of single flowered, scented, hardy dianthus which are shorter in stem growing to 15cm high making them perfect for the pot or border.

Dianthus Aztec Star – Delicate light  magenta single flowers with dark magenta star shaped eye over grey compact foliage.  Clove scented. 

Dianthus Blushing Star – Single pink blush flower turning to white with dark magenta star shaped eye over grey/green foliage.  Sweet perfume. 

Dianthus Cherry Burst – Single flower with bold maroon eye bleeding into lighter pink border over compact grey/green foliage.  Attractive chocolate buds with sweet perfume. 

Buddleja lindleyana ‘Floral fanfare’ is a stunning double violet flowered sterile form of this popular garden landscape plant.  Flowers mid July-October.  All will be on show on our stand, we look forward to welcoming you to our stand.

Dianthus Cherry Burst

Dianthus Blushing Star

Buddleja lindleyana
‘Floral fanfare’

Houndspool, Ashcombe Road,
Dawlish, Devon, EX7 0QP
Tel: 01626 863328
Fax: 01626 888911

Stands C 10

Dianthus Aztec Star

For plastic free retail plant and web sales

POSIpot© is a simple solution to stem the tide of the 100’s of millions of single use plastic pots (and labels) being sold with plants every year. The huge majority of which end up being incinerated, sent to landfill or exported across the world to be ‘recycled’…all simply to transport a plant from shop to garden to be planted. The plant is transferred from plastic to POSIpot when the plant is purchased taking the same time as a normal plant sale. POSIpots specially developed recycled card will support the plant for up to 2 weeks even with watering and self-labelling with its locking stick enables growers to ditch the single use label.

POSIpots revolutionary concept re-positions plastic as an industry tool allowing growers to re-use plastic pots again and again.. turning plastic pots into a capital item! Resulting in millions of plastic pots not being made in the first place. Also, this means plant buyers love it because they don’t have to throw away pots or store them for years and years in sheds or greenhouses!


The Horticulture Unit, The Abbey School, London Road,
Faversham ME13 8RZ
Tel: 01795 537662


Trees & Shrubs

Laxsjon Plants was founded by Henk Huijsman and Loek Jochems in 2017. Both have substantial knowledge and experience in the plants sector for many years.  Our mission is to supply great quality goods to the horticulture industry. Laxsjon Plants has two branches in separate locations. Our head office is based in Otterlo and our logistics department is based in Zundert.

Laxsjon Plants took over Expertrees on the 1st of July 2019. Thanks to this acquisition, we can expand our product range even further. We also address a wider market and we have more knowledge within the sector.

Our assortment exist of Forestry and Hedging seedlings, transplants, rootstocks, (Solitary) Shrubs, Conifers, Whips, Avenue-and Fruit Trees, Ornamental-and container gardening, Multi-stem Trees, Christmas Trees, Topiaries, Perennials, Tree Seeds and Flower-and Flora mixtures.

Laxsjon Plants is certified Planet Proof and we supply,  where needed, all plants with plant passports and if for forestry use with a certificate of provenance.   We guarantee high quality and excellent service throughout the entire process. During the whole season you can count on us to deliver on time.

Head Office
Apeldoornseweg 212
6731 SC Otterlo, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)85 0700 222
Fax: +31 (0)85 0700 200

Contact: Henk Huijsman, Joost van Iersel
Maaike van den Brink, Daniëlla Adriaensen


B 36+55

Looking for Inspiration?

Petunia Glacier Sky®

Calibrachoa Kabloom®
Light Pink Blast

Begonia Sweet Spice

Calibrachoa Kabloom®


We are delighted to present at this year’s show a selection of recently introduced novelties along with a special preview of new ‘game changing’ varieties for the 2020 season. These include introductions in Begonia Sweet Spice™, Calibrachoa Kabloom®, Geranium Macarda®, Osteospermum 3D, Osteospermum FlowerPower™ and Petunia Glacier Sky®.

This year sees the launch of Beacon™, the Impatiens with high resistance to the devastating Impatiens Downy Mildew. We are incredibly excited with this introduction which will undoubtedly bring huge confidence back to the UK market for the good old trusted ‘Busy Lizzie’. Please drop by to hear more about this ground breaking introduction.

Impatiens Beacon™ can also be seen at the 2019 Summer Showcase in Banbury, Oxfordshire. So why not whet your appetite for the Four Oaks Trade Show and plan an inspirational day with a visit to Ball Colegrave on 15th July to 2nd August. Set in 8 acres of beautiful Oxfordshire countryside, there is a real treat in store for customers with over 200 new varieties to see and extensive trials of over 700 experimental varieties. As well as daily talks, there are plenty of great retail ideas, production solutions, colour themed gardens, pot trials, container and basket displays. Go to the Ball Colegrave website to book in your visit.


Tel: +44 (0)1295 811833   Fax: +44 (0)1295 812135


Stands D /116-117a

Calibrachoa Kabloom®

Purple Sun

3D Banana Shake

Calibrachoa Kabloom®

New launches at Four Oaks 2019

This year Seiont Nurseries have some fantastic new varieties including;

Rosa rugosa Jam-a-licious – new from Europe, a lot less thorns and a lot more flowers. Compact growing, low maintenance and huge hips in early autumn. This variety is great for retail and amenity uses.

Buddleija Butterfly Towers-New breeding from the UK, Tall, narrow, unique growing habit. Large upright pointing purple/mauve flowers all summer. Great retail plant for small spaces.

Salvia Amethyst Lips - A UK bred variety with Purple and white bicolour flowers and aromatic black currant foliage.  Perfect for ccontainers, bedding schemes and gardens to give a vibrant summer long display.

Salvia Cherry Lips - A UK Bred variety with cherry red and white bicolour flowers and  like its cousin, aromatic black currant, foliage perfect for containers, bedding schemes and gardens to give a vibrant summer long display.

Salvia Cherry  Lips

Rosa rugosa Jam-a-licious

Salvia Amethyst Lips

Buddleija Butterfly Towers

Dryopteris Pinderi

Dryopteris Erynthrosora

Seiont also stock a fantastic range of ferns. Visit stands B16+35 at the show.



Contact Neil Alcock
Tel: +44 (0)1286 672113  Fax: +44 (0)1286 677223


Stands B16+35

Celebrating 30 years of Surfinia

How it all began..
Japan 1987, Suntory®, a Japanese company famous for its whisky, beer and wine, set up a flower division: Suntory® Flowers Ltd following the discovery of a new Petunia variety with great growing and flowering characteristics. Suntory® then planted the Petunias for test in a field.

MNP flowers heard about  this and saw potential in the new Petunia. Conversations between the two resulted in a unique cooperation with  MNP flowers obtaining the European rights for all Suntory® genetics. Together, they introduced Surfinia®: the first hanging Petunia produced from cuttings.

Sunpuma® Purple (Ipomoea)

This year, MNP flowers and Suntory® Flowers Ltd. proudly celebrate the 30th anniversary of Surfinia®. What began as a breakthrough to breed a perfect trailing Petunia from cuttings, resulted in the best and most widely sold Petunia in the world today.
Discover our newest varieties:

Surfinia® Trailing Red - The earliest trailing petunia on the market!
It is a striking red, with a free flowering vigorous  habit and very good branching power.  The Surfinia® Trailing Red flowers two weeks earlier than the classic trailing types and has superior weather tolerance.

Surfinia® Blue Ocean - A deep blue colour, vigorous flowering and good branching habit. All Surfinia® varieties have strong outdoor performance and are disease resistant.

Surfinia® Blue Ocean (Petunia)

Sunpuma® is a range of Ipomoea that grows easily, stays compact and is available early in the season. It has striking foliage and is suitable for hanging baskets, balcony containers or as a bedding plant.

Granvia® Gold Golden Crispy

The Granvia® Gold has large intensely bright yellow flowers and a heart that turns orange as the flower ages and orange pollen appears. Easy to grow, long lasting and early blooming. Can be harvested for dried flowers or fresh potpourri.


Granvia® Gold (Xerochrysum)

Surfinia® Red Trailing (Petunia)

Tel:  0031 172 506700  Contact:  Paul Jackson  Mobile:. 07886 951167
Email:  Web:


Stands D 122,122a,123,123a

New Breeding for

Petunia AMORE™ King of Hearts
Joining the series for 2020 is AMORE King of Hearts. This gorgeous petunia boasts regal red and white blooms, with five perfect red hearts. Flowers early with loads of large blossoms that show good resistance to rain. It features a compact, mounded habit and is recommended for 12cm pots, baskets and combos. Share the power of love in the form of flowers with all the AMORE varieties- the perfect garden gift!

Petunia AMORE® King of Hearts

Calibrachoa LIA™ Dark Red

Calibrachoa LIA™ Dark Red
Danziger makes choosing the right size calibrachoa even easier. Each series fills a specific market need. With the LIA™ series, your baskets and combos will be bursting with noticeably bigger blooms capturing consumer attention at retail. LIA Dark Red is a 2020 standout with clear, deep-red blooms. This early flowering series shows good vigor, making it perfect for baskets and combos.

Petunia CAPELLA™
Neon Pink
CAPELLA™ proves that big things can come in small packages. Its impressive flower power  and compact habit, makes it the ideal solution for small space gardening. This floriferous, mounding petunia has a small footprint from the grower bench to the retail display, continuing its beautiful performance for the end-user. CAPELLA Neon Pink features glowing, bright pink blooms that add a shock of colour to 12cm pots, baskets and combos.

Petunia CAPELLA™ Neon Pink

Moshav, Mishmar Hashiva 5029700,
P O Box 186, Israel
Tel: +972-3-960 2505 
 Fax:  +972-3-960 5896


Stands D73,74,99,100

Petunia AMORE® King of Hearts

New introductions for 2020

Begonia Dreams
At Four Oaks Beekenkamp will introduce the newest Dreams family member: Dreams Garden MacaRose, a  beautiful vigorous outdoor begonia with a fresh pink colour and a sparkling yellow heart.  It is  very floriferous over a long period  and  has a lovely round  shape. It has excellent shelf life and outdoor performance making the colours of your DREAMS reality. Pot size up to 17cm.

Begonia Dreams Garden MacaRose

Petunia Tea Rose Morn

Petunia Tea series
This recently introduced series is proving itself from production to the consumers’ garden. The  Tea Rose Morn has won the best outdoor performance out of more than 25 varieties.  Ideal for the UK weather conditions. This year Beekenkamp will  introduce  2 new colours to this  series.

From big to small Beekenkamp has it all – LA BELLA DAHLIA series
LaBella® is a masterpiece with the symmetrical flowers and intense colours. It has beautiful flowers with single and unique fun colours.  For every potsize there is a Dahlia available within  the LaBella series; Piccolo (packs – 10.5cm), Medio (13cm), Grande (15-17cm) and Maggiore (17-21cm).  Beekenkamp is your one stop Dahlia shop.

Petunia Tea Light Violet

Petunia Tea Yellow

Tel: +31 174 526100
Fax: +31 174 526160


With the widest range of glazed outdoor garden pottery available in the UK, making your choice can be tricky.  This year Mims return to Four Oaks to present our best sellers together with many attractive half price offers, all inclusive of full merchandising service.

Be sure to visit our stand and let us show you around.  Remember to register early for your 2019 catalogue jam packed with brand new and exclusive products.  Ask about our free travel offer to visit our Glasgow showroom to see the complete 2019 collection for yourself. 

So come and have a chat to discover a range that will truly set you apart for choice, value and style.


Tel:: 0141 336 4970  Fax: 0141 237 8384
Contact Mimi Milne  Mob: 0780 308 1153


Stands E140 - 143

The Freshest and
Finest British Grown
Christmas Trees

Infinity Christmas Trees is a newly established consortium of professional British tree growers supplying one of the largest ranges of 100% UK grown Christmas trees. From day one every tree is individually cared for by hand until harvest. We cut our trees as late as possible to maximise freshness and aid needle retention. We are confident that our prices will be competitive and our quality amongst the best.


Blue Spruce


Norway Spruce



We supply most varieties of cut Christmas trees from 100cm to 600cm, as well as potted trees from 40cm to 150cm. We can also provide you with both the equipment and supplies required for the successful retail of your Christmas trees.


Bridgend Farm, Much Cowarne, Ledbury, HR7 4JL
Tel: 01531 592072
Mobile: 07885 218542 (David Brown)
Mob: 07983 947342 (Rory Lane)

Nordmann Fir

Fraser Fir

Illuminated Garden Decor
& Planters

'All Seasons & Festivals'

UNIQUE hand crafted reindeers and penguins with individual body and facial expressions made from sisal, a natural product.  All fitted with up to 400 double function led lights depending on size and all with seasonal coordinated scarves!

Reindeers ranging downwards from 1.7m to 35cm .
Penguins ranging upwards to 80cm made from same product and capped with a Chrimbo hat !  
Also for those feeling a little sheepish we have added a new range of planters for the Spring season.

The ever popular hedgehogs (with and without planters) are also making a debut appearance at Four Oaks!.

Two designs of Christmas
wreaths will also be available
for viewing.

Contact: Steve Davies
Tel:  07720 256486

E 145-147/150,151,164

Teal International

  Planters, Containers &
Ornamental Items

Teal International are suppliers of quality planters, containers and other ornamental items for the horticultural and gift industry. Over many years we have built an extensive database of suppliers in a wide range of materials such as baskets (various materials), wood, zinc, ceramic, glass, hessian, felt, plastic and Christmas decorations etc.

Specialising in the design, development and production of bespoke products for our customer’s needs, there are virtually no limits to what we can create for you and your customers; the possibilities are endless.

Teal International’s offices are based in the UK and China. Our UK team is supported by our China Team made up of designated Project Managers, Quality Control team, Designer and Shipping Specialists to ensure that your products will arrive on time and at the highest quality levels.

Pera Business Park,
 Nottingham Road,
LE13 0PB
Tel: 08449 918123


Stands E134-137


New Introductions for 2020

New standard for patios, terraces and balconies – BeautiCal®
To be displayed at Four Oaks is the new BeautiCal®. This next generation X Petchoa is more mounded than SuperCal® with larger flowers - ideal for the pot and patio segment, and impressive at retail.

A superb growing opportunity, BeautiCal® delivers weather resistant plants that recover from rain much faster than standard petunias, providing a long lasting plant till end of the summer.

Now available in new colours French Vanilla and Bordeaux as well as Caramel Yellow, Cinnamon and Sunray Pink, BeautiCal® is suited to 9-12cm pots and mix containers, growing up to 30cm.

New chocolate foliage Begonia
Brand new to Earley Ornamentals is all-weather Begonia Viking, providing a fast-growing mass of colour. Available in Red on Chocolate and Pink on Chocolate, no other begonia series in this class offers chocolate foliage. Large plants loaded with flowers make it great for landscapes and containers.

Expanding the Earley Nemesia range is new British bred Nemesia Aroma Heart of Gold, a distinct bicolour making it a bolder plant than the other Aromas. Also new, is Plums and Custard Imp. This improved version offers more vigour than the original.

We’re here to help! 
Find  out more on stands D53, 54, 79 & 80.

Begonia Viking Red on Chocolate

BeautiCal® Sunray Pink

BeautiCal® Cinnamon

BeautiCal® Caramel Yellow

BeautiCal® French Vanilla

BeautiCal® Boedeaux

Contact: Simon Earley  Tel: 01845 524511
Email:     Web: 
Twitter: @EarleyPlants    LinkedIn:

Stands D53,54,79+80


Specialising in Ericaceous and
Unusual Shrubs

Camellia Kerguelen

Camellia Sweet Jane

Kalmia Minuet

Bluepoint Tags offer the complete range of Horticultural labels and tags. With 70+ years combined experience in the Horticultural label manufacturing industry, you are in safe hands.

Our range includes;
•  Stick-in labels
•  Self-tie labels
•  Specialist wetpot adhesive labels
•  Terracotta and ceramic adhesives


•  Thermal print systems – printer ribbons - parts - servicing
•  Bespoke tags and labels – custom shapes and sizes
•  Fast Lead times: Typically 7 working days for printed work -
    (next working day delivery on stock items )
•  Competitive, fair pricing
•  Friendly, competent advice and help
Please ask for a no obligation quotation and free samples pack…
Visit us at FourOaks Trade Show 3/4th September 2019 Stand E173


Unit 6 Merlin Business Park, Fair Oak Close,
Exeter Airport, Exeter, EX5 2UL
Tel: 44(0)1392 927030
Email: Web:
Stand E 173


Supplying the Landscape
Industry Nationwide

Plants Galore is a family run nursery in Roydon, Essex which provides high quality plants to the landscape and commercial industries.  With four generations experience, the company can offer exceptional customer service and industry knowledge.

Some of the most recent projects have included Ascot races, municipal gardens, new build housing and various hospitality industry outlets. Plants Galore is proud to be  the UK supplier for Marconi Nurseries, sustainable growers of the finest Mediterranean plants for the European market.

Large quantities of hedging, topiary, bamboo, palms and architectural plants are stocked to meet the demand of the landscape industry, all at very competitive prices.


Contact Sue Price
Tel: 01279 792 869


Aquatic, Garden
and Lifestyle Plants

Beaver Plants Ltd operates on 3 nurseries covering 27 acres and a 40 acre wetland and fishery site in Surrey. We also have 7000 square metres of intensive propagation facilities and a dedicated and experienced nursery team. We currently supply over 700 Garden Centres, Nurseries, Landscape designers & Professional Gardeners all over the UK.

We produce and grow over 5 million plants a year including the largest selection of aquatic plants available in the UK. Beaver offers around 170 marginal plants, 40 waterlilies, deep water plants, oxygenators, floating plants and associated dry goods and display tables.

Ten years ago we started selling grasses, perennials and a range of contemporary and unusual garden plants under our ‘Lifestyle Plants’ brand. They proved very popular and today we offer over 300 varieties across 11 collections.  For more information on each collection, see our website under the Garden Plants heading.

Beaver also specialises in producing all of its own labels and point of sale with an in-house picture library of over 10,000 images.


Contact: Jeff Wheeler
Tel: 01342 833144  Fax: 01342 834169


E 156,157,161

Consorzio Ortovivaisti Pistoiesi (C O P) is a co-operative of 24 producers cultivating an area of 80 hectares. Their whole production is sold exclusively through Consorzio, which reduces prices and shortens the supply chain.
C O P supplies a wide range of plants both container and rootball, to garden centres, landscape professionals, architects and local authorities.


Production includes:
Evergreen and deciduous trees
(container or rootball)
Evergreen & flowering shrubs
Citrus plants
Hedge plants
Cacti and succulents
Christmas trees
Herbaceous Perennials
Mediterranean and subtropical plants
Topiary art

Tel: +39 0573 381008
Fax: +39 0573 381674

Since launching into the UK market at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2018, the revolutionary raised garden bed product Vegepod has seen sales take off in a big way. Vegepod was designed and developed in Australia nine years ago by Matt Harris, who was frustrated by his failed attempts at growing his own fruit and vegetables. The unique product has been brought the UK by husband and wife team Neil Urry and Alex Allen, who saw the amazing potential of Vegepod. Neil and Alex, directors of Vegepod UK Ltd, have forged ahead with significant growth and presence in both the consumer market and wholesale channels across the UK and Ireland. Such has been the worldwide attraction of Vegepod it is now sold 10 countries globally, prompting Neil to say: “We are confident that the UK gardening public will embrace our product. In 2019 we plan to continue to develop the market by offering it to sale to selected garden centres. We stand by our ethos of ‘making growing vegetables easy and fun for everyone, everywhere’. We want to make it achievable for those less likely to be gardening.”

The benefits of using a Vegepod vs a traditional in ground or wooden framed garden bed include:

• Waist height gardening solution easing aches and pains common with in ground gardening.
• Fully contained gardening system including commercial grade canopy.
• In built self-watering irrigation system making it ideal to set on timer when going away on holidays.
• Made from durable and food grade safe quality polypropylene plastic, guaranteed to last 10+ years.
• Certified organic growing in your own home.
• Mobility friendly with trolleys available to assist those with mobility needs.

Contact Vegepod today to arrange a no obligation demonstration.


Free Phone: 0800 978 8656
Contact: Neil Urry

Newey to launch Tree Buyers Guide
and new combined website

Newey offers growers an extensive range of wholesale perennial plugs and liners, annual basket / patio plants, trees, soft fruit and specimen shrubs.  In addition to the highlighted varieties at this year’s show, Newey will also be launching a brand-new tree buyers guide. The new combined website will be launched early in July which enables you to search for products, see your orders, delivery notes and invoices, order products, download our latest availability and see what events we’ll be attending this year.  All from one single site for all of your  needs  -

Lomandra White Sands (P)

Bellis Bam Bam Red and Rose

Anisodontea Elegans Princess

Echinacea Delicious Nougat (P)

Bellis Bam Bam - a unique new variety with large flowers, naturally compact habit and non-stretching stems.  This hardy variety does not need vernalisation and so can be sold in both autumn and in spring alongside other cool crops such as Pansy, Viola, Primrose etc.  Its large showy blooms  look  great in packs, small pots and colour bowls.

Lomandra White Sands (P) - This variegated Lomandra has small yellow flowers from spring until winter.  The lightly coloured foliage provides great contrast in the garden.  A wonderful feature plant that handles full sun but prefers light to moderate shade.  Tolerant of drought and light frost, a low maintenance plant which thrives in challenging environments. 

Echinacea Delicious Nougat (P) - a new and compact variety bred by Marco van Noort.  Very free flowering with attractive anemone type blooms. Excellent basal branching, ideally suited for summer flowering pot sales.
Anisodontea Elegans Princess - a compact form of Anisodontea featuring masses of purplish-pink, veined, trumpet shaped flowers.  An evergreen to semi-evergreen shrub with hairy stems and hairy ovate to triangular mid-green foliage.  Ideal  for flowering pot sales throughout the summer.
Impatiens Wild Romance Blush Pink - a  novel semi double New Guinea Impatiens.  Delicate blush pink flowers which open like a rose, smother the plant from late spring throughout  summer.  Ideal for flowering pot and patio sales.

Impatiens Wild Romance
Blush Pink

Carex Evercolor® Everglow (P)

Nandina Twilight (P)

Geranium Bloomtime (P)

Carex Evercolor® Everglow (P) has  green foliage with a hint of orange.  In the cooler months the entire plant takes on a sunset orange colour.  It forms a neat and easily controlled mound.  Superb for living walls, mixed containers, roof gardens and borders. Easy to grow with very little maintenance. Winter hardy to -25° Celsius.
Nandina Twilight (P) - with shades of bronze, radiant green and white, this variegated Nandina gives a spectacular effect.  In winter Twilight provides more intense colours followed by a pink flush in spring.  With a height of 120 cm and a width of 50 cm, it has a bushy, upright habit, perfect for plant borders, mixed planting or as feature plant on the patio.


Geranium Bloomtime (P) has big beautiful pale pink veined flowers.  A great addition to our giant hybrid range of hardy geraniums.  Early flowering with exceptional pot and garden performance.


Email:  Web:


Stands D 31,32,61+62


Stand: E 126-129

Covili Franco have the pleasure to be present again at Four Oaks 2017 after 19 years of exhibiting at the show with a large selection of the quality specimens for which Italy and the company is renowned. Located in Pistoia, in the heart of Tuscany, the company has been established for over 45 years.

Their production is of a high quality with competitive prices together with a very efficient service. Weekly deliveries to the U.K. and Ireland all year round as they are their major export markets. Small orders are welcome.

Their wide range includes:
Conifers, deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs, topiary art, pleached espaliers, Japanese maples, Mediterranean plants, bonsais, climbers, bamboos, palms, specimens, citrus, fruit trees, exotics, ferns, conservatory plants and many other ornamental plants in numerous varieties, species, shapes and sizes. These plants are cultivated in containers from Clt.3 up to Clt.1500 as well as in open fields.

Their selection will definitely meet the needs of all wholesalers, nurseries, architects, landscapers, garden centres, amenities and cash and carry. All visitors are welcome to view their nurseries.


Via Casella di Santomato, 2/A - 51100 Pistoia - Italy
Tel:  0039.0573.479981 / 478014 - Fax: 0039.0573.479014
Contact: Gina W. Covili (Mobile: 0039.329.8122268)  -

De Ree UK is a wholly owned subsidiary of De Ree Holland; a leading exporter of flower bulbs providing quality with style to the UK and Irish markets with both De Ree & Simple Pleasures brands.

The De Ree brand offers a full range of flower bulbs complemented by perennials, ‘grow your own’, seeds, roses and fruit trees & bushes - all delivered on an eye catching wooden display stand, complete with attractive point of sale material.

Simple Pleasures brand is exclusively for garden centres, introducing new and unique varieties to the market with a high quality and innovative marketing program. and modern,stylish packaging. One of the top programs is Perfect Partners® - two or more varieties of flower bulbs, all flowering at the same time, and complementing each other beautifully. Perfect Partners® are exactly what the name says they are!

Stand out from your competitors, offer your customers something different.
Visit the new larger stand at Four Oaks 2016 - E 77 - 80


Tulip Flames of Fire

Tulip Lovers Blend

De Ree UK
Paragon Business Park
Chorley New Road
Tel: 01204 669445 
Fax: 01204 669439

E 77 - 80

Tulip Moonlight Duet

Tulip Black Tie Affair

Tulip Chionodoxa
Apricot Blues

Tulip Artists Pallette

Contact: Caroline Everett
Tel: 0208 3
63 8548
Fax: 0208 363 8547

We are the leading supplier of aquatics to the UK and are growing year on year.
We have low minimum orders, small pack sizes and no requirement to fill a trolley shelf allowing customer maximum stocking flexibility. Our availability is second to none. Of our 75 varieties of water lily, 69 were available all season including the new dual colour Wanvisa.

We stock a great range of stunning 3 and 5 litre instant impact plants - fantastic for landscapers. As well as our large range of plants which allows us to fulfill most landscape projects within a week, we also provide a ‘grow to contract’ service to the highest standards and specifications.

We are passionate about plants and service. We consistently deliver;
Highest quality plants
Widest range of aquatics in the UK
High availability all season
Customer friendly packaging
Excellent reliable service

Visit us to find out how we can help increase your aquatics turnover with our exciting new ideas in celebration of our golden anniversary in 2015.


Jan Nieuwesteeg BV supplies Nurseries, Garden Centres & the landscape market throughout the UK & Ireland, growing a wide range of large flowering Rhododendron Hybrids in 5Ltr / 7.5Ltr & 20Ltr. containers.
All Rhododendrons are provided with our large size colour label.

Our production includes:  
  Japanese maples     Mahonia
  Large field grown Holly   Magnolia’s
  Salix on Stem      Topiary Buxus
  Cornus controversa / kousa hybrids Hamamelis
  Betula Jacquemontii    Ornamental Beech
  Range of pot and field grown conifers  

Our product range is augmented by the addition of quality plants from neighbouring nurseries.

Please visit our wholesale webshop for full product range:

Contact:  Jan & Willem Nieuwesteeg

Tel: 0031 172 218188
Fax: 0031 172 212087

Perennials from Tissue Culture

Denis-Plants is a family run young plant company producing perennials from tissue culture.

The company has its own laboratory in Belgium, where new products are cultivated and a laboratory in Vietnam, where the mass production takes place. The plants are weaned in the greenhouse in Lochristi.

Denis-Plants offers plants from its own production which guarantees the grower the best quality at the best price. Approximately 250 varieties are produced in this way, including protected Heucheras from Thierry Delabroye and Dirk Scheys, Persicaria from Jan Spruyt and Chris Ghyselen, Hellebores from Het Wilgenbroek, Echinaceae from AB-Cultivars and Marco Van Noort, and a large assortment of Blooms varieties.
NEW   Saxifraga 'Gelbes Monster' - Saxifraga 'Shiranami' - Panicum 'Oxblood Autumn'® - Helleborus 'Winter Passion'® - Bergenia 'Kerstin' - Bergenia 'Carina'


Bochtenstraat 6, 9080 Beervelde (Lochristi), Belgium
Tel: 0032 9 355 1255  Fax: 0032 9 355 5621
Email:   Web:

Stand E107+108

Helleborus nigercors 'Emma'®

Heucherella 'Art Nouveau'®

Boomkwekerij Gerrit Luiten

Exclusive Old Fruit Trees

Our company specializes in the transplanting and cultivation of old fruit trees. Trees are supplied with fixed rootball and in containers.

Our old fruit trees come from Zealand, and have a high decorative value, especially the pear trees. which have been pruned for decades.


Stock includes -

Pear - Pyrus Conference
This self-pollinator is in stock in different stem sizes. Trees are 20, 30, 40 or 50
years old.

Apple trees - Malus Goudreinet, Elstar
Ages 18  - 30 years.



Boomkwekerij Gerrit Luiten
Tel: 0031 623 253849
Fax: 0031 118 641566

Stand OP22a

Naylor Gardenware, part of the family-owned Naylor Group of Companies has a heritage firmly planted in 128 years of manufacturing.


We will be offering a range of terracotta, glazed fibrelite planters in a variety of sizes at Four Oaks 2019. 


Fantastic show discounts on orders placed at Four Oaks 2019 of up to 50%.  Items on show available for immediate delivery on a first come, first served basis.  Planters can be pre-barcoded and pre-priced to your chosen RRPs.
Visit us on stands E168-169 to discuss the offers available from Naylor Gardenware. We look forward to seeing you.


Clough Green , Cawthorne, Barnsley,
South Yorkshire, S75 4AD
Tel 01226 794059.
Fax 01226 794130
Contact Liz Hudston

Stands E 168+169


The Planter colours (in the above images) from Left to Right are: Top Left RUBY RED, Top Right MIDNIGHT BLUE, Bottom Left CHARCOAL GREY and Bottom Right BRITISH RACING GREEN.
In the Planters there are 3 sizes: 10”, 12” & 13.5” The SRRP’s are 10” @ £4.99, 12” @ £6.99, 13.5” @ £9.99.

The Hanging Basket colours (in the above image) from Left to Right are :RUBY RED, MIDNIGHT BLUE, BRITISH RACING GREEN and CHARCOAL GREY. 3 sizes available : 10”, 12” & 14” The SRRP’s are 10” @ £4.99. 12” @ £6.99. 14” @ £9.99.

Contact: Nigel Guffogg
Tel: 01772 673865  Mobile  07714 463547
Email:   Website:


Stands B56 - 58

Magni operate on 40 hectares of production land in Pistoia at the heart of Tuscany. Alessio Magni is the third generation to take control of what is still very much a family business !

Magni are continually looking at the range of plants offered, with new varieties being promoted to the UK and Irish markets, where there has been sustained business for over 15 years.

Magni have total commitment to servicing their customers, who range from small independent retail centres to wholesale nurseries /cash & carry's to chain stores, all receiving the attention to detail so essential in this climate. 

Please enquire for topiary, hedging, screening, Mediterranean, palms, aromatics, bespoke forms, the complete assortment of Italian supply. 

Magni Piante is now represented in Four Oaks Cash & Carry.

UK Contact: Peter Davies
Mobile: 07966 635005  Tel:  01568 797747
Fax: 01568 797013    Email:

MAGNI PIANTE, Via Fiorentina 424, 51100 Pistoia, Italy
Tel: 0039 0573 380065   Fax: 0039 0573 380894

Stands B63+68

Cercis can. Forest Pansy


T Wezelenburg Tree Nurseries supply a wide range of top quality ornamental shrubs from semi-finished plants up to specimen sizes.

The range includes Acer, Cornus, Corylopsis, Heptacodium, Hydrangea, Magnolia, Nothofagus, Osmanthus, Stewartia and many other varieties.

Careful handling, pruning and transplanting is second nature to us. We would like you to benefit from the knowledge we have gained during 5 generations of growing and exporting. This is the added value we offer nurseries, garden centres and traders. Visit our stand B 100 at the show.


Cornus kousa China Girl

T  Wezelenburg BV, Tel: 0031 172 212051  Email:  Web:

Mediterranean Ornamentals

Spanish Plants are wholesale suppliers of a wide variety of plants from Spain, specialising in all sizes of Olives and Palms.

Their range also includes Aromatics, Bamboo, Buxus, Citrus, Cordylines, Cupressus, Figs, Vines, Shrubs, Topiary, and more - in pot sizes from 3L to 1000L and root balled.

Spanish Plants are agents for several large nurseries, and their site in Spain is used as a collection point for plants from other individually selected smaller nurseries offering top quality plants at competitive prices. Buy direct from Spain or from UK stock. Samples of their plants can be viewed at Four Oaks Cash & Carry.


Contact: Pete Squires
Mob (UK) + 44 (0)7810 057780  
+34 649 277670


Classiflora Zelari is one of the leading UK specialists in the import and supply of hardy exterior specimen plants, trees, shrubs and topiary. The extensive range of plants are individually selected from 10 European countries with a large population of the total offering sourced from the 'Green Capital of Europe', Pistoia - in particular from Zelari Piante.

Its product range varies from 5ltrs to 1,500ltrs of containerised stock and within season, rootball. Classiflora Zelari work in partnership with all of their clients to ensure they continues to offer unrivalled quality, service, price and convenience.

Heathfield Nursery, Parklands, Galley Hill,
Waltham Abbey, Essex, EN9 2AG
Tel:  08700 600420
Fax: 08700 600421

Stands B 73-78 / 93-99


Established over forty years ago JFH Horticultural Supplies Ltd is a dependable family run organisation, committed to integrity, honesty and excellent service.

We stock a wide range of horticultural sundries including; Containers & Trays, Baskets & Planters, Irrigation Supplies, Horticultural Fabrics and much more…our range is one of the most diverse in the industry.

It is our duty to provide the best service we can to meet your requirements.  We know and understand the importance of receiving quality products, in full and on time – that is why we are here for you!

Visit us on stands C23 & 28, we would be delighted to see you and tell you more about what we do.



Unit 2 (Lower Complex),  Lodge Road,
Sandbach,  Cheshire, CW11 3HP
Tel: 01270 212726
Fax: 01270 219334

Stands C23+28


The Plantpac range has been developed in collaboration with a major mail order plant supplier. The resulting easy to assemble packs provide maximum protection and ventilation for the plants during transit and display.


Patented pack design
Unique locking feature
Simple secure & fast closure even when wearing gloves
Packs can be personalised with customer logos on front face for a small extra cost
Packs manufactured in clear R-PET for high clarity foliage display
All packs are made from recycled material and can be further recycled after use

There are 3,4 and 5 cm packs in either 6 or 12 plug variations. New to the range for 2014 is a 9cm variation available as a single or a 3 plug option.

Customise your pack for improved branding
Your logo can be incorporated into the pack for stronger branding. For the perfect retail ready pack we can supply personalised sleeves.

Seed Tray Clampacks
These are available in 2 heights – 25mm and 40mm to accommodate 33 and 66 cell trays. Packs are made from recycled PET and can be further recycled after use. They are well designed with ample ventilation points to keep plants in pristine condition.

Tel: 0161 442 1642   Fax: 0161 442 1643
Email:   Web:

Since 1949 the family-owned Pöppelmann company, with its five production sites and 550 injection moulding machines, thermoforming lines and extruders, has grown into a leading manufacturer in the plastics processing industry. In more than 90 countries people value the quality we offer, “made by Pöppelmann”. Our success is down to our team of over 1,900 highly-qualified employees.

The Pöppelmann TEKU® brand is not just the leading product range. Customers worldwide also rely on our first-class service and comprehensive customer care. Not least because, with our excellent delivery service, Pöppelmann TEKU is always a reliable partner.


VCG 10,5

EP 1619/6


MDF series of Coverpots.
Elegant decoration: the innovative planters from the MDF series. The Coverpots are produced using the in-mould labelling (IML) process which fuses label and pot into one inseparable, permanent unit. Of course, you can also implement your ideas as a label for our Coverpots and turn them into real eye-catchers.




Pöppelmann GmbH & Co. KG
Tel. +49 44 42 / 982-1605  Fax +49 44 42 / 982-342


Stands D112,112a,113,113a

Soparco - supplier of plastic pots for professional use

In response to the producer’s requirements, we are constantly adding new innovative products to our range. And now, more than 1500 references are available from our stock.

The Soparco thermoformed containers are available in various sizes, from 9 cm to 23 cm and many colours. Printing and labelling are possible even in small quantities.

Our injection containers are developed according to the specific needs of producers with the best possible quality.

Trays and supports cages Sopafix are also available for both ranges.

Soparco also produces a number of decorative pots, hanging baskets, pots and saucers, window-boxes, bowls, a new extended range of bio products, etc…

UK Contact
: Charlotte Pignard
Mobile: +44 7478 276359
Website :

Stands D 35-36 / 57-58

Aeroplas UK Ltd is in the forefront of both injection moulding and vacuum forming plastic products for the horticultural industry.
Our innovative design ideas include the now well known square-round pots, a range of bedding containers and trays and a range of thermoformed pots. Coloured silk-screen printed and foil printed pots are all readily available.
Shrub Containers - manfactured from durable co-polymer, robust design and excellent drainage. In addition to black, we offer a wide range of alternative colours to.  We can also print round containers.
Deep containers -  the natural partners for deep rooted plants. All deep containers may be produced in a variety of colours, and a printing service is available for all sizes.
Square containers - always popular with growers of plants such as heathers and perennials, these containers are available in pallet quantities as well as in cartons for the two smaller sizes

Bedding Plant Packs & Carrying Trays - Aeroplas have produced a combination of carrying tray and bedding plant packs. The carrying tray is designed to fit four across a Danish Trolley shelf, and each tray will carry six packs of either four, six, nine or twelve cells.

Carrying trays and packs are all made from polystyrene, which is recyclable. It is always possible to manfacture carrying trays in thicker material so they may become multi-trip products.

Contact:  Alex Everett
Tel: 0121 522 3000  Fax: 0121 522 3333
Email:  Website:

Stands B 105+106

Modiform are manufacturers of horticultural plastic products, including thermoformed pots from 9cm – 19cm (3ltrs), growing/transport trays, plug trays and the largest choice of bedding packs available. We are focused on supplying high quality products, delivered on time. We believe that our quality and our service provide our customers with the greatest value in the market for thermoformed horticultural products.

Modiform can also supply any product in any colour, giving your plant packaging a different look to the standard black plastic. Many retailers are looking for something different so why not talk to us about a new product concept to make your plants stand out from the crowd.

If you can’t find a required product in our range we will be happy to discuss a ‘co-creation’ project to make it. We look forward to seeing you on our stand to discuss what Modiform has to offer.

UK Contact:
Shaun Herdsman

Mobile: 07894 099529

Stands D27 - 30 / 63 - 66


Experienced in providing a quality range of horticultural machinery to enable your business to operate efficiently


Potting Machines 

Bale Beakers

Mixing Machines

Robot Systems

Tray Filling


Compost Handling

Trimming Machines

We take pride in supplying the right solution for your business.

  • Initial consultation and advice on layouts from our experienced team
  • Machine Supply
  • Machine Hire
  • Expert Servicing of your machines - on site or in our workshop
  • Expert Back-Up and Advice - access to online technical information about your machine
  • Next Day delivery on spare parts

Hortec are looking forward to another successful year at the Four Oaks Trade Show standD107-109.


Tel: 01295 688422 Fax: 01295 688455
Email:    Website:


Stands D107-109



Mechanical Botanical has many years of experience in the horticulture industry and assures you of a high standard of sales, service and support.
Mechanical Botanical provides practical, ergonomic solutions to growers and nurseries. Our comprehensive range includes approximately 75 machines types and here is just a selection:-
  • Potting Machines
  • Seeding Machines 
  • Labelling Machinery 
  • Transplanters
  • Trayfillers
  • Bench and Conveyor Systems
  • Sweepers
  • Tugs & Trolleys
  • Tray and Potwashers
  • Dispatch Buffer System
A selecton of our machines will be on stands – A43 - 46 + 5
We offer a range of second-hand equipment so don’t hesitate to ask for our current list. We also offer a hire service for some of our machines.
Visit our website for more details of our full product range -


Tel: 01428 683505  Fax: 01428 682308
Mobile:  07818 455229
Contact: Mike Berry


Equipment for Bouquet Making

Rotomation has recently been appointed agent for French company Mecaflor which designs and manufactures machines and accessories for bouquet making.
In this range of equipment there are several machines including sleeving machines for bouquets and also for sleeving pot plants. The bouquet maker can bunch, wrap in mylar and fill with water. With this easy to use system a beautiful bouquet can be created quickly even if you are not an experienced florist.
The Rotomation range includes transplanters, tray-fillers, potting machines, seeding machines, spraying equipment, boom irrigation, compost mixers, vertical bale openers and injection-moulded propagation trays.

Meadow View, Dob Lane, Little Hoole, Preston, PR4 4SU
Tel/Fax: 01772 614111  Mobile: 07850 719399
Email:   Web:

A12+13 / 27-30 / 54+55

Dura-ID Solutions specialise in providing labelling solutions to the horticultural industry with stock labels available for next day delivery! We have over 100 years of label manufacturing knowledge under our belt and we have a number of horticultural specialists throughout the business.

Previously, IML Labels and Longcombe Labels – this will be our first Four Oaks as Dura-ID Solutions and we’re very excited about seeing all the familiar faces and meeting some new people!

We are running a number of offers at this year’s Four Oaks – including upgrading to the latest version of HLS (Horticultural Labelling Software) for £150! We’ve got a number of printer offers that are also exclusive to the show so head over to Stands E 152 - 153 to take advantage.

When you buy a label or a system from us that is not all you receive – you get the dedicated service from our team to help you with any problems. You gain an account manager you can trust, one that wants to get to know you and your business so we can always make sure that we’re doing our best for you.

Our product range includes:
- Self-Tie Tags
- Self-Adhesive Labels
- Stick-Ins
- Thermal Transfer Printers
- OKI Laser Printers
- Printer Consumables including
- HLS Pro Labelling Software


Visit Stand E150 & 151 for a chat with our horticultural team!

Tel: 01480 274 230   Email:   Web:    


Stands E 152 - 153

Viking Nurseries Limited has been established since 1998, beginning with a small nursery on a 5-acre site producing mainly Conifers and Rhododendrons for the export market in Norway. Since then we have grown to be one of the most modern nurseries in the UK, operating on a fully merchandised 26-acre site near Norwich.

We offer a wide selection of top quality hardy nursery stock including Conifers, Rhododendrons and Pieris, all grown in pot sizes 4.5Ltr and 10Ltr for the UK and Scandinavian Garden Centres.

All our plants are carefully selected by qualified nursery staff to ensure you receive only top quality plants. Picture labels are available on all varieties, pre-price and barcodes are available free of charge. We are also increasing our range of evergreen shrubs which will be on display at our exhibition stand.

Please see our website

Tel: 01603-882196   Fax: 01603-881481
Contact: Fabio Guizzo

Stands B 59+72

Carlesi Vivai is a long established Italian producer of high quality specimen plants. The company has now appointed Adrian Ayley as the sole agent for the UK and Ireland.

Carlesi Vivai is well known for its production of a wide range of pleached trees  and specimen panel hedging, together with the classic Pistoia plant range.

Transport costs are fixed at 20% for easy calculation of delivered prices. The minimum order is 5,000 euros.

We welcome visits to our nursery where you can select and reserve you own plants. We will also organize your stay in Pistoia


Via S.angelo 83, 51100 Pistoia (PT), Italy
Tel: 0039 0573 545236 Fax:  0039 0573 545902
Email:  Website:

UK Agent: Adrian Ayley UK
Wraywick Cottage, Southminster, CM0 7JN.
Tel: 01621 774473  Fax: 01621 774443
Contact: Fred Ayley

Bathgate Silica Sand Ltd has been producing high quality silica sand for over 60 years for a variety of specialist uses including amenity and Landscape.

Bathgate have now launched their NEW Professional Grower, Landscaper and Garden range which has been formulated to the highest standards to satisfy the needs of professional growers, landscapers and dedicated garden enthusiasts.

The Bathgate retail products are formulated with carefully selected ingredients to optimise performance, attractively packaged and offered in convenient bag sizes to maximise sales potential.

The Professional Grower products are made to exacting standards and can be custom made to be crop specific and suit individual requirements.


All professional products are available in easy to handle plastic sacks, bulk bags and loose bulk loads. Nationwide deliveries are made promptly and can be accommodated on rigid and articulated vehicles and with a fork lift if requested. Swift distribution from a single pallet to a full load is assured from our dedicated logistics team.

Experienced technical support and product advice is readily available to ensure customer requirements and expectations are achieved.


Arclid Quarry, Congleton Road
Sandbach, CW11 4SN
Tel  01270 762828

Hedging and Aromatic Plants

Exhibiting for the 3rd time at Four Oaks, Plant Iberia is an established business with 12 years of experience supplying wholesalers and nurseries with a range of hedging plants and aromatics. Known for its reliable supply, Plant Iberia offers delivered prices and can cater for large orders or small minimum orders. 

Showcased at Four Oaks will be our Specimen Hedging 25L 172/200cm, Cherry laurel, Portuguese Laurel and Griselinia litoralis.

NEW to our 10L and 25L range for the 2018 / 2019 – Choisya ternata, Choisya “White Dazzler”,
Ilex crenata “Luxus Spire” and Ilex crenata “Caroline Upright” along with Griselinia “Green Horizon”.
 The company also supplies an extensive range of evergreen specimens and exotics such as palms along with ferns, Olives, Palms, Camelias and Conifers.

Alpha Plants is dedicated to the production of quality plugs and young plants for commercial growers, ranging from 84 / 104 plug plants to jumbo perennial plugs and liners.

We specialise in offering an extensive range of plugs covering hardy perennials, herbs and vegetables, grasses and wildflowers.

This year at Four Oaks we are pleased to announce the launch of two new lines:

Meet us on Stand E122

84 Salvia Plug

Jumbo 50  Perennial Plug

Salvia ‘La Mancha’

Salvia ‘Royal Bumble’



Highlighted at the Royal Horticultural Shows this year, Salvias are a fast expanding market and we are able to offer you a unique selection of over 40 different varieties, including shrub, perennial and annual types.

Particular favourites of ours are ‘La Mancha’ and ‘Royal Bumble’.



We are very excited to be able to introduce to the commercial market hardy, perennial Victorian Violas, bred over a 10-year period by Rob Chapman and winning 9 RHS Gold Medals.

A vast array of colours, produced from cuttings and many varieties scented are attributes which set these Victorian Violas apart from the more common seed raised varieties.

Ideally suited to 1L pots, giving you high impact sales.


Alpha Plants @ Millview Nurseries
Fengate Road, West Pinchbeck, Spalding, Lincs, PE11 3NE

Tel: 01775 640150 Fax: 01775 640600
Contacts: Mike & Sue Roberts


Calipso are one of the leading importers of Garden and Floral products. Suppling Garden Centres and Florist Wholesalers throughout the UK. We have a wide range of products that we are consistently updating, we also cover all major events such a Mothers Day and Christmas all at competitive prices .To see our full range of products please visit our webshop listed below.




Tel: 01449 740977


“Live View Webshop” for Cut Flowers & Plants

For over 25 years, Sjaak van der Vijver BV have specialised in the export of an extensive range of cut-flowers and plants to regular customers worldwide.

Benefits include our ‘Live view’ Webshop system, so ‘what you see is what you get’. You will also be able to shop at a time to suit you – even from home!

We understand that you may already have accounts elsewhere, but can you afford NOT to look at what we are offering? It costs nothing to apply for an account.

We look forward to welcoming you as one of our new clients in the near future.

Trade Parc Westland, Jupiter 322,
2675 LW Honselersdijk, Netherlands
Tel: 0031 174 624 493 

Contact: Andre Varkevisser

Mobile: 0031 629 700 505  (UK :07408 857228)






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Four Oaks Wholesale Cash & Carry


Event Director
Telephone +44 (0) 1477 571392
Mobile 07767 640420

In case of problems with company email
messages can be sent to

Farm Lane, Lower Withington,
Macclesfield, Cheshire,
SK11 9DU

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